Model Car Race Night

A First for the Essex Austin Seven Club- Model car race night.

Members were given some rules for their models – Maximum length 12 inches, width 6 inches, weight limit 8oz. No metal in the construction, no use of 3D printers!, so only wood, plastic, paper,card, glue, tape to be used.On the night – 25 homemade models appeared in various guises, shapes and lengths. All scrutinised to ensure they were within the weight and length limits. A metal detector was even used. A purpose built starting ramp was used with a customised launch pad so that each  model was released at the same speed.

Purpose built ramp

Ramp in action

All 25 models were then released down the ramp and the length of the run was measured using a laser beam

Goodrum Lego 2 ,Bohannan 12, Bonner Box
Morley Box, Wickes Chummy, Lawson Racer
Lambert Box and Top Hat














Goodrum Chummy, Fleuty Big 7



Palmer Super Accessories












Bonner Bluebird











Goodrum Van, Bohannan 12/4, Came Ruby









Lego 1, Mrs JoJo, Blue Ulster, Barker Pearl











Clanger, Box, Top Hat











IMG_4788 (1)
Fromant Three Wheeler









Wickes Austin












Sabel Box













After all the models had run down the ramp, the top 10 with the longest distance travelled were then run down the ramp again after  owners had given them some tweeks!.

At the end of this run, winners were announced.

No 1 – Fromant Three wheeler

No 2 Lambert Box

No 3 Goodrum Lego 2

Joint 4th  Goodrum Van and the Blue Ulster.

A successful evening which brought the creative and competitiveness of members to the fore.



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