Club Shop



 DSC_1472   Men’s Fleece Jacket (Navy)                 £25

DSC_1474   Ladies’   Fleece Jacket (Light Blue)  £25

 DSC_1471  Sweat Shirt                                  £18.50

DSC_1468    Polo Shirt                                             £14

DSC_1465       Bone China Mug                                £7   Sold out

DSC_1462           Large Mug                                              £5

???????????????????????????????                 Grill/Badge Bar Metal Badge          £13  Sold out. Currently investigating production of new higher quality badges which will likely be a lot more expensive.

Badge                         Window Sticker                                  50p

Badge                            Small Adhesive Club Badge             25p

Badge40                      Sew on Badge                                       £1

DSC_1466        Metal Pin Badge                                   75p

Garage Chart   Garage Wall Chart                        £5


                                       Book- Coming of Age                          £3.50

                                       Book- As I Was Going to St. Ives      £4.50



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